This is not definitive, but it is a concise listing of some of the beliefs upon which Self Acceptance Training is founded.

1) I live in a friendly (not necessarily always kind) universe.

2) My unconscious is friendly.

3) My real, my living self is not an object but a process.

4) My separateness is an illusion, for I am connected with and part of the whole at an unconscious level.

5) Permanence is an illusion, change is constant and inevitable.

6) My ego image is not my self, but merely an abstract construct based on selected experience.

7) Control is an illusion, that results in a split between controller and controlled.

8) I am not my thoughts, and my thinking body itself is a manifestation of a deeper self beyond the grasp of my intellect.

9) The goal of Self Acceptance is never achieved as a final goal but can only be realized as an ongoing basis.