Eidetic Imagery and Hypnosis (continued)

This is a continuation of Basic Concepts in Eidetic Imagery. What follows starts out as a demonstration of the emanation technique. It changes to an image that comes alive, turns eidetic as the client looks at what her ideal family image would be. I have put most of the short responses in italics to save space and left out some of the early dialogue, keeping whatever is useful in understanding the technique. Note Dick's lack of ego investment when the client is resistant at an unconscious level, and Dick simply changes direction.

The emanation technique is simply a technique by which you call up one self after another. And you can use this with yourself, or use it with another person in the image, for example, your mother. Who wants to volunteer? I'm going to give her EP1: Eidetic Parent's test # 1. And when I have given her EP1, I'm going to combine that with the emanation technique. I'll say more about that after I've done it. I don't want to suggest anything to her. ...

Do you want to try it? Close your eyes. And let yourself see the house you lived in when you were eight years old,...... What kind of vibrations does your mother seem to be putting out? Let your mother use your voice and talk about what her life is like. ......Now let mother #2 emerge. What does she say? ....Let mother #6 come out...there aren't any more. Oh yes there are. this is really interesting, you will notice that all the first five mothers are all the same mother. She is resisting. Holding, but mother #6 is there. Let her talk about her life. ......Let mother #12 emerge please?.....Let mother #19 come out.....Where are you in this image. (I am either..) No. when you say, "I am either," you are just trying to figure it out. ...What are you feeling, what are you experiencing as you stand there watching?

Cl: I am feeling guilty.

Dick: Do you like this image? Is it pleasurable for you?

Cl: No. It is not pleasurable.

Dick: How would you like this image to be?

Cl: I would like her to read to me.

Dick: That is what you like. How can you arrange that?

Cl: I could ask her to sit on the couch with me.

Dick: Yes you could, but what are you going to do. You have to do something.

Cl: I have a book in my arms and I want her to read to me.

Dick: And what does she do?

Cl: She looks shocked.

Dick: What does she do?

Cl: She does it.

Dick: So she does it even though she looks shocked. My God.

Cl: She likes doing it. She never thought about doing it.

Dick: Right. So what is happening now? What is happening in the image?

Cl: She has her arm around me and she is reading.

Dick: What is she reading? What is the book?

Cl: A mother Goose book.

Dick: Are you looking at the pages as she turn them or looking over her shoulder?

Cl: I am turning the pages.

Dick: What do you see? What pages?

Cl: Page 31.

Dick: Page 31. What is on page 31?

Cl: Little red riding hood.

Dick: Can you see the picture? How are you feeling?

Cl: I am feeling so happy, happy and warm.

Dick: Happy and warm, yes. Just stay there. How do you feel sitting in this chair here in this room?

Cl: Relaxed.

Dick: Keep sitting with your mother happy and warm.

Cl: She even took her apron off, even though she never does that.

Dick: Strange isn't it. Interesting how the image has a life of it's own and how it does things that are completely contrary to your memory. She never took her apron off.

Cl: And she suddenly has make-up on. She never wore make up.

Dick: My goodness.

Cl: And her hair is fixed up.

Dick: And how are you feeling about all this?

Cl: I am proud to see her like this.

Dick: You are proud to see her look so good. She never did, but all of a sudden she does all these things. and you are having an experience that you don't remember having as a child. But you are having it now, aren't you? Let's stay with this image a little while, what is happening now?

Cl: My father comes in and he looks surprised to see her sitting down, I don't think he ever saw her sit down.

Dick: And what happens now? What would you like? What does your father do, he looks surprised and what else?

Cl: He wants to sit down with her.

Dick: Well why not, go ahead.

Cl: He is sitting with her.

Dick: Now what is happening.

Cl: She continues to read and he even is enjoying it.

Dick: And how do you feel?

Cl: I feel good to see them happy for the first time.

Dick: Yeah. First time. What are you feeling in your abdomen right now, your solar plexus?

Cl: Relaxed.

Dick: And what are you feeling in your chest?

Cl: Slow deep breathing. What do you feel inside your chest, way inside? I am not asking what you see there, I am asking what you feel there.

Cl: I feel my heart.

Dick: You feel your heart. And what do you feel inside your head?…

Cl: Clear.

Dick: It feel empty and open, doesn't it. Get in touch with that emptiness and openness. How high up in the air does it go, beyond the roof of your head?

Cl: I feel it all the way to the sky.

Dick: You feel it all the way to the sky, all the way up, right? And if you follow it from way up in the sky down into your head, how far down into your body does it go?

Cl: To my toes.

Dick: To your toes, yes. This is what you really are. When you stop identifying with your self image and with the memories that you think comprise your life. This openness. This is the openness of potential that you had when you were born. Before you learned language. Before you began to make judgments about things. And this is what you always have had but it got filled. Now it is open again. how does it feel? How do you feel?

Cl: Expansive.

Dick: Expansive, yes. It this pleasurable for you?

Cl: I feel content.

Dick: Yes, you feel content, right. Tell me, is this a little unusual for you to feel this way? I'm curious.

Cl: Occasionally.

Dick: OK that is fine. I am going to suggest something to you that you can try. If you will call up this image when you are sitting quietly, you don't have to tell anybody what you are doing, this image of sitting on the couch and your mother is reading Mother Goose to you, and her hair is fixed up, and she has make up on. And your father is sitting there, and he is interested. If you will call that image up, you will more and more be able to feel this contentment that you are feeling right now. And this expansiveness. So look at the image now?

Cl: I feel myself sitting there.

Dick: Okay, you feel yourself sitting there, so now you have another memory of this experience because tomorrow you will be able to remember sitting on the couch with your mother and father reading Mother Goose. You have that memory.
I just want to make an experiment. It is possible that your eyes are so relaxed that when you try to open them, you may find that your eyelids stay shut. I will count from 1 to 5 and we will try it. 1,2,3,4,5. And your eyes stay closed when you try to open them. So you know that you have been in trance. You are experiencing eyelid catalepsy. When I count backwards from 5 to 1, you will be completely back and wide awake, but you will have had the experience of sitting on the couch reading Mother Goose with your mother looking very alive and your father enjoying it. 5,4,3,2,1. How do things look to you out here? Do you feel finished for now?…


Dick: It is interesting in the two times that we made this experiment: with N we started with the happy image and went in the opposite direction, which is very unusual and here we started with the dark image. But we really didn't progress. You maybe noticed that they were just variations of the same one. She has an enormous unconscious resistance to seeing her mother in any other way. So at 17 I decided we could go up to 42 and by that time the polarity may emerge, but why do that when there is such a quicker way? So I used EP1. And I will talk about that.. At times there were hints, but I didn't want to actively give her suggestions that she would follow, I tried to remain out of it but there were times when that poor martyr of a mother, which is were she started began to show signs of resentment and anger, we could have pursued that, the martyr and the victim is always angry underneath, but they feel helpless. So then I did the other thing, which is the other route, the EP1, that is the first image in the Eidetic Parents Test. "See the house you grew up in...", at age three or four, it could be any age, and then I also included aspects of some of the other image and that is where we started. I wouldn't ordinarily use the emanation technique. It will move quite rapidly with as few as four or five or six or seven at the very most images of the mother that are radically different, radically different. This was unusual but that is all right. That is the way the ball bounces. And so you try something else if it doesn't work. Not to be ego invested in it working, although it did work. And there were materials we could have used. Because the anger and resentment was coming out, but how do you feel now

Cl: Fine, I am wondering if there are other aspects of her that I don't remember.

Dick: That is right, you would not remember. And the emanation technique will very often bring out aspects that you don't remember. Again we are up here against the tyranny of memory. The bondage of memory, you are limited to what you remember, but there are also co-consciousness, something going on underneath, and if we tap that, then some of those things begin to emerge.…

I will from here on just work with people. I think I have done enough of this defining, and lecturing, and exampling and all that, and then we will talk about the work after it is done..... Keep in mind that whatever you get out of this, you will be adapting to your own hypnotic practices as you see fit. I do it my way, there is no one way to do it. So who would like to work?

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