Q: You asked, could you feel your heart?

Dick: Dr. Ahsen, in Imagery Paradigm, published in 1993, relates some of his earlier experiments. When people breath deeply and consciously, imagery seems to increase in vividness and richness, It also seems to increase in vividness and richness if they feel their heartbeat. So he was doing the breathing and the imagery was going great guns, and so then I asked him if he could feel his heart and he said no. If he would have said yes, I would have had him feel his heart and just experience it. but he said no. I was going to take advantage of it if it was there, if it was not there, next time.

Cl: One of the things that I was doing when I started to feel my heart and at that point I went totally gone, I fell asleep or something.

Dick: You didn't fall asleep.

Cl: Yeah, well I must have gone into a very deep trance.

Dick: Yeah, you went into deep trance. .....That is what the heart was about.

There are several techniques in Eidetic imagery for increasing imagery. Check out Ahsen's book ABC of Imagery, Brandon House.