(This is in the middle of a session where a client is stuck and Dick moves into a trance induction)

Dick: And how do you feel right now?

Cl: I feel like, weights on my legs and feet. I feel the pained sensations in my gut that I associate with fear. And my head is lightheaded, and my mouth is getting dry.

Dick: You feel lightheaded and your mouth is getting dry. Take your time. Take your time. And this whole problem, even the definition of what the problem is, is more than you can handle with your conscious mind. So why don't you just turn it over to your unconscious mind, the whole thing? The whole problem that brought you to this workshop, because that problem is so big that you haven't been able to even define it clearly, but yet you feel it is there as a problem. But how can you work through a problem when you don't even know what the problem is?

But you can turn it over to your unconscious. And that unconscious, which is a divine guiding energy, and the divine guiding intelligence within you, can work it out very simply. But the only step you have to do is to turn it over. You have to turn it over. So turn it over right now. Say to your own unconscious, "I'll stop thinking about this, I'll stop trying to figure it out. I'll stop trying to define it. I'll turn it over to you. Work it through and bring me the clarity that I need."

And how will you know if your unconscious accepts this assignment? Well, there is one sign that will tell you, and that is: the relaxation that can come to you that suddenly feels different. It is not an ordinary relaxation, it is an autogenic shift, in which your unconscious takes hold, and now proceeds with the autonomous process of defining and working through this whole problem, and bringing clarity into your life. When you feel that relaxation, that will be the same as a flashcard held up before you that says, "Assignment accepted, work begun". So just wait patiently. Wait patiently, and when you feel that relaxation, you will know that the unconscious mind has accepted the assignment, and has begun the work, and then you need to do absolutely nothing. And you can completely stop thinking about it. You don't even have to think about it.

And when that unconscious relaxation signal is given, a great many things happen. Many many different things happen all at once. You feel relaxation spreading to different parts of your body, to your hands, your feet, your abdomen, your shoulders, your jaw. You may find your jaw relaxing so completely that you begin to breathe through slightly parted lips. You may feel the breathing pattern shifting, the breathing pattern shifting so that it seems to go deeper and deeper into your pelvis, so that you feel that rocking of your pelvis with each breath that you inhale, and yet the breath may become so light that it is barely detectable, totally without effort.

And as that happens, and this is a sign that the unconscious is now working on your problem, you may also notice that your heartbeat slows down. You may or may not be in touch with your heartbeat or your pulse, but if you are in touch with it, you will experience it as slowing down from its ordinary beat of about 72 down to 68, 66, 64. And as your heartbeat slows down, your blood pressure goes down a few points. All of your arteries and your veins and your capillaries relax, become more pliable and more flexible so that the blood pressure falls, a significant number of points. And the reason that it happens is that there has been a shift in your autonomic nervous system, your autonomous nervous system, your vegetable nervous system, your system that is ruled by the green people. And that shift is from the sympathetic to the parasympathetic. And the relaxation continues with that shift.

And as it continues, you are moving from a left brain to a right brain activities. You are no longer thinking in terms of parts, you are no longer analyzing, but instead you are thinking holographically, every thing that you think is in terms of the whole, the entirety. The whole, W-H-O-L-E, the whole. Yes. And that means that your brain waves are changing from high speed beta waves, 23 or 24 hertz cycles down to 20. That is slowing a lot, you know. 18, 16, slowing down to 14. And as that continues, you enter an entirely new range, because at 13 and a half, you cross the border from beta brainwaves into alpha brainwaves. Into alpha. Slowing down, 12, 10, 8, and at 7 and a half is the borderline, the division and you go into theta at that point. And the theta waves continue to slow down at that point to 7, to 6, to 5, and your thoughts keep slowing down as your waves slow down. 5, 4, and somewhere between 4 and 3, you cross another boundary line and you are crossing from theta into delta, and that becomes very slow, and everything is slowing down. 3 and a half, 3, very slow, very slow. You are moving down to delta. If you move down to delta, you will be asleep.

And everything is slowing down. And you can tell that slowing down because, if you watch your thoughts, you will see that your train of thought is slowing down. Just like a freight train. You see it passing by, one car after another, car, car, car, car, car. But now as it slows down, you start to see a flicker of light. And you begin to see what that is. It is the open space between the cars. They are coupled down below there, they have those coupling rods that stick out where they are coupled, but they are not butted up one against the other, there is a big space between them. It is six or eight feet, maybe even more. I would hate to have to jump over it. A big wide space. And the space seems to get wider as the train slows down. And as your train of thought slows down, the spaces between the thoughts get wider and wider, and you start to see just blank space. Just blank space, between your thoughts.

It is like the sky, you know, a cloud comes up, and the cloud disappears, and you just see the open sky. And then another cloud comes up (that's another thought) and that thought falls away and disappears, the cloud is gone. And there is just the open sky of your natural consciousness. And you begin to see more and more clearly that these thoughts are just representations that just arise and disappear, like clouds that just rise in the sky and then disappear again. That is all that the thoughts are, and you are less and less attached to these thoughts. And you can more and more look at the open empty spaces between the thoughts. That's right. That's right. And you may also begin now to begin to see more and more images that come.

And some of them are oriented to the past. You call them memories, and you see the images of the past: some are from early childhood when you were a very little girl, and others are from being in the early grades, or being in the middle grades, or being in high school, or being an adult. Some of them can be as recent as last week or last month. But you call them memories and they are related to the past.

But you can see other kinds of images too. You can see images that are related to the future. And you can just allow them to come up. You can see them now. Future related images. And these are images of which you would say that these represent possibilities for the future. And it may be for the immediate future: for tomorrow, or next week, or next month; or more distant: next year, or in five years, or twenty years from now. Possibilities. And you can just let these images rise and fall. Just as the clouds rise and fall. And you can experience what you are. You are not the clouds, you are the sky in which the clouds appear. You are the sky in which the clouds appear.

And you may have other images too. You may have images of different kinds of creatures: of birds, or animals, of large or small animals, or people, or you might see mythological figures, you might see the marvelous phoenix, that burns in its nest, and then rises renewed out of its own ashes every hundred years, or you might see a five toed dragon, over the mountains in the distant, the five toed dragon of good fortune and good health. Or you might see Apollo, the god of healing, and the god of poetry and of prophecy and of archery. Or you might see the great goddess Aphrodite, surrounded by all her animals: the boar, and the bear, and the wolf, and the lion and the tiger, and the leopard. Any of these you might see, in images.

Or you might simply see images of nature: of a great broad meadow, covered with grass, where the wind rolls along and makes great waves of movement of many acres and acres of long green grass. Where the ground squirrels are chattering, jumping around, and the meadowlarks and red winged blackbirds are singing. Or you might find yourself in the great forest, where the trees are very very tall, before the branch break out. And overhead there is simply a canopy of green leaves, and here and there the sun shines through and makes a pattern on the floor of the forest where you are standing.

And if you are very quiet, you might see a red fox. A flash of red as the fox slips in and out of the thicket. And if you go very quietly, you might come to an open glen where the deer are feeding, the magical deer. And one of those deer, one of those deer is the magical deer that is your guide, and you will know it when you see it, because instead of bounding away, it stands for a second, looking back over its shoulder, at you, and you feel drawn to it. And suddenly it bounds away, and you run after it feeling that you must follow it. And you lose sight of it, and then see it again, and you know that it is taking you somewhere. And after following it for a while, again it disappears from sight, but then finally you see it stopped in a meadow next to a stream.

It is quietly resting now. No more running. No more leading you. It has brought you, and you look into the deer's soft, soft eyes. And as you look into those soft eyes, you know that you have come home at last. (Long pause). Do you feel finished for now?

Cl: Yes.

Dick: So follow the deer, this magical deer. Throughout the world, the deer is a magic animal.

Cl: I feel really blessed.

Dick: We are only here for help and health.