Counselors don't have to give direction. Sometimes it is best to stay with the problem until a solution comes on its own.

Dick: Don't concern yourself with him. How are you?

Cl: I am very confused.

Dick: I'll tell you. That is a very good way to be. I am very serious about that. Because it is only when I become confused that I lose track and these ideas that I orient myself with have vanished and I'm sort of stumbling around. And if I lose the old orientation there is a chance that a new orientation can come in. And all of us, no matter who we are, can improve our orientation. You know the expression that we used, Think in Other Categories, is a great liberation. It applies to every one of us. It certainly applies to me. You know, I have learned to think in categories that are radically different than they used to be and I still have a long, long way to go. To see new connections, new relationships, the mistakes that I am making. So if you have less anger, that is fine. And I wish you well with that. And I hope that you just sit and stay confused for a while because you will not stay confused forever. You know, out of that fog, things will start to loom up and you will have a new orientation. If you are lucky, the orientation this time will be better than the last time. And may you periodically through your life be thoroughly confused. And I wish the same for myself. I'm glad that I have been, because for myself out of each confusion has become a better orientation than I had. So welcome to the club: The Confusionists.