Starting with a client who is out of touch with their present experience, Dick gives some instructions about being open to an internal process.

Dick: Just let yourself experience that for the time being. And let's see where it goes to. You don't know where it will go to. And just go into the middle of it. I mean by that, feel it. Feel it in your body. And if anything starts to come up, and I mean anything: an image, if you see a face, or anything, a tree, whatever you see, if you have a memory, or any kind of image, tell me that. If it starts to turn into some kind of emotion, tell me what the emotion is. And if it starts to turn into some other kind of sensation, or it gets more intense, just tell me what happens there. Or if it makes you think of something. So we have everything covered: thoughts, images, sensations, and emotions. Just sit and ask yourself, "What more is there that I am missing?" This is what is apparent, on the surface. This is the bridge that is to bridge you.

There is an earlier Sufi quote that "the apparent is the bridge to reality."