(This is where a person who is feeling victimized goes through a

fantasy in which the perpetrator is totally destroyed)

Some people object that you are somehow letting the perpetrator go free. Well bullshit, the perpetrator has total control and mastery over that victim. Because the victim is still caught up in it, is dominated by it. And the victim may be feeling very, very angry. But the anger is a point at which the perpetrator controls. You know, as if that is the only reality in life. To turn your attention away from it, is not letting the perpetrator get off, it is releasing the victim. Because when the victim in the wipeout fantasy comes up to that point and then suddenly is enraged and strikes that first blow where the nose goes flat. And then that second blow where the teeth fall out, and then to strangle him, and whirling around by the heels and smacking the head on all the furniture, and then all the ripping apart and then the shredding of the body. What you are doing is freeing the victim from the victim's own self image of helplessness. and you are not trying to just aerate anger. Bullshit. Because the victim has probably done that a hundred times with some therapist who believes in the cathartic approach. You are not just aerating the anger and you are not punishing the perpetrator in actuality because he doesn't even know you are doing this, but what you are doing is, you are wiping out the victim's image of helplessness which keeps her as a victim. And what you want to do is get her to graduate and be transformed out of the victim's class and be a person again. So that is what you do there.

Q: So you expand the image first?

Dick: You always expand the image first. That is basic. Then you expand the image on the other side after the perpetrator is totally shredded. Then you have got this little thing of cleaning up. The bucket, dumping it down the toilet, flushing it away, wipe everything clean with towels, which is a sort of symbolic way of saying, "I am wiping away all emotional power that this has over me, I am wiping it clean.

Q: Expanding the image. if you just stay with contraction, why does that lose effectiveness?

Dick: You are taking the trauma out of its point of being the only reality and making it just one point in a much bigger image., a much bigger process. In order to get away from being dominated by this (Dick claps his hands) one thing that has happened. In order to get that. You have to raise your consciousness to a higher level, where you are not identifying with that. And the way you can do that is to expand this into a much bigger experience and just see it as part of a bigger experience and then see it in a different way, in other words, change the ending of the dream.