This shouldn't be used for recreation, like, "what a trip I had." It is for exploring reality, for experiencing God, coming closer, whatever you want to call it. And I think that is much healthier. In fact Mircea Eliade, has written the great standard book on shamanism, and the subtitle is , Shamanism, a Primitive Way to Ecstasy. it is very interesting that Eliade sees that because so much emphasis is on using shamanistic work for healing, or for arriving at decisions, or as a part of therapy, and actually what you were experiencing was a form of ecstasy., you perhaps could experience an ecstasy that was more intense. Maybe. There are degrees of ecstasy, just like sorrow and joy. What happened with these three people, you with the oceanic sense, to me that is more and more the goal of the work that I do, and less and less, learning to get along with your boss, and making peace with you spouse, and forgiving your mother and all that stuff. Although that stuff is all there and I think you have to clean that out at least to a certain point.