Thank you to clients who worked with Dick and gave permission for the work to be taped. You have helped to pass on this important work by sharing your process. I have eliminated first names and identifying information to help protect your identity, although many feel comfortable sharing their powerful experience with Dick.

Thank you to Green People Productions for their permission to include my transcripts of their copyright audio tapes. I highly recommend you get them for a personal introduction to Dick's voice and manner. Listening to them convinced me that I could learn much from this man's wisdom and compassion, and started me on a journey of Self Acceptance Training that is a focus of my life.

A personal thank you to Gary Flynn who loaned me those tapes and journeyed with me annually to Taos and other centers throughout the country to work with Dick, and also started our "SAT in the Van" monthly week-end sessions with Dick in Milwaukee.

Thanks to the Sat in the van tribe for their continued support and get togethers that we continue regularly.

Thanks to my former wife Lynette, who grew to love Dick and did many workshops with him, and my family for putting up with my passion for this work (and listening to his tapes as we traveled).

Thanks to the group in California who have founded the Dick Olney Memorial Library. Some of their newsletter and postings may appear on this home page.

Thanks to Heather Burch and Edith Haenel who provided some rough transcripts that I edited.