About 200 pages of transcripts of the Self Acceptance Training approach to Human Development founded by Richard Olney using Bioenergetics, Shamanism, Eidetic Imagery, Hypnosis, Gestalt, and MUCH MORE. I want to add video and audio to this site so you can experience Dick (again?) -July 2009

                                         Dick with Gary Flynn                                                                                  Dick Olney with the editor Tom Biesanz  

Definition: Self Acceptance Training is the experiencing of myself in a given moment without the inhibition of self criticism, self judgment, or self evaluation.
Comment: This is not about self esteem.  It is a path of re-membering and re-experiencing our greater, essential self.

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Introduction to Self Acceptance Training

Client work: one-on-one work Dick does with individuals in a workshop setting.

Eidetic Imagery

Body Awareness

The Model of the four bodies

Spiritual Aspects of Self Acceptance Training

Thinking in other categories

Hypnosis and Self Acceptance Training



Self Acceptance Training Counselor/Facilitator

Dick Olney

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