In the middle of work with a client

And I didn't go into that but if she were suddenly sitting here and on that pillow, you would feel sad also, because in that case she would be in the same room and five feet away and still feeling sad. So I am feeling sad because I am separate from her, is not really where it is at. You are feeling sad because you think you are separate from her. The actual physical separation? No, that is not what is causing it. The thought that I am separate, if you think that as the way it actually is, then you respond to it with sadness. But if you see that that is merely a thought. Just an appearance. And behind that appearance is the reality that she is not separate. She can't be separate. Do you all see that?

We often hear the phrase, "Go into your sadness. Go into your fear." And that is fine. And you probably all say that that is good advice. You know, I can see how that would make things better. But the question is, How do you go into your sadness? How do you do that? How do you go into your fear?

The way you go into it, is by experiencing what your body feels like when you are afraid. Because otherwise, you are not really experiencing it. You are holding yourself away from that. From the body awareness. So you go into it in the very simple level of body awareness. And that makes it real. And that makes it immediately present. Because you are feeling it right now. And you are feeling it here and now. Any sensation is here and now.

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