If a client is feeling negative sensations, it can be useful to move into full awareness of it. Phrases can move the client into a deeper level of response if they say the words without thinking about the truth with their mind. The body response tells them the truth.

To all phrases can be added:

"And that's where it is at. (not I am at) (Self acceptance).

"And it's no big deal". (letting go)

"Damn it all" (awareness of resignation or resentment)

Dick: "What happens in your body when you say this phrase"

I am what I do.

I have to earn or deserve every good thing I get.

My heart is broken.

I'm feeling good but I dont want to admit it.

I have to be right.

My way is too small. (I have an intellectual solution)

I feel small and helpless. I can't earn or deserve anything. There is no hope I ever will.

Don't tell me what to do.

You don't know how bad it is.

Tough titty but the milk is all right.

I can't live in the now because if I do that.....

I give up.

I'm so angry I could kill you.

I hope I will be loved for who I am.

I'm a narcissistic narcissist and that's where its at (sung over and over).

I'm needy and that's where its at.

I'm afraid to be afraid.

I'm dead already.

I hate myself.

I doubt my right to exist.

I'm powerless.

I'm not responsible.

I want to go home.

I refuse to honor life, I refuse to give thanks.

I'm neither fish nor fowl.

I don't measure up to others standards.

I'm a piece of trash.

Why doesn't anybody love me?

I'm unlovable.

I feel small and helpless.

Give me my space, or else! (Repeated one line at a time)

If I am not for me, who is?

Why didn't you let me love you? (abandoned child to mother)

I'm cut off and alone.

I'm afraid. I am not my fear.

Don't hurt me...(and part two may be) ..the way I'd like to hurt you.

Sometimes phrases are given to acknowledge the good feelings that show up.

I'm alive and real.

I'm perfect just the way I am.

I give myself relax.

I'm excited and I invite it to spread.

Other quotes worth remembering.

I'm only here for help and health.

I create my own reality.

I place one joyous foot in front of the other.

I am what I am.

I am not that.

You will learn all you need to learn, if you take time.

The map is not the territory.

It's hard to imagine.. and yet you can imagine yourself on an elephant. So you can do other images.

How am I doing? I don't give a damn. (singing and bouncing seat).

Let go and let God.

Not my will but thine by done.

There is nothing to correct.

There is only to breathe the pure sky.

Discover the helpers.

I give myself permission to experience this.

I honor life, I give thanks for life.

Remember this, you will survive your feelings.

There is only the dancing and the wind and the fire.

The wind of change sometimes blows from a great distance.

Nothing ever dies, it just changes form.

Put one joyous foot in front of the other.

Let yourself be blessed

Thank God.

I wish you joy and bliss in your life.

Now is the time.

I'm alive and real.

The long way around is the shortest way home.

Go beyond your limits.

I remain in my center.

I want nothing (I lack for nothing).

Don't go into trance, yet.

Home at last.

Praise God from whom all blessings flow.

Awareness of Beauty and Truth wherever I go.

Let me see things as they are.

I am the open consciousness that contains the fear.

I give thanks for help unknown already on its way.

And often quoted from the Rubiat

Ah Love, could not you and I with Him conspire

To change this sorry scheme of things entire.

Would we not shatter it to bits

And remold it nearer to your hearts desire.

(Show me an image that would completely satisfy you. No matter how crazy or unable to materialize your happiest memory. One in which there is no conflict, in which you are totally content, the whole family where there is contact, flow and energy. Let yourself see this).

The following is chanted over and over with bent knees. (Bioenergetic exercise)

I feel my feet on solid ground,

my feet will hold me up.

Come what may.

Once I was a baby

and I would die if not taken care of,

but now I am an adult,

and my feet will hold me up.

I feel my feet on solid ground

Come what may, my feet will hold me up.

Though my calves are tight with fear,

my feet will hold me up.

I feel my knees tight with struggle

I feel my feet on solid ground

my feet will hold me up.

I really feel my feet.

Walking in beauty

Walking in beauty

Lightning around me

I come from the mountain.

Bearing four lances

Carrying seven arrows

Walking in beauty

Crossing the plain.

Covered with pollen

Walking in beauty

Covered with pollen

Crossing the river.

Bearing two baskets

Sweet corn and berries

Walking in beauty

I enter the cavern.

Walking in beauty

With flag and with feather

Walking in beauty

Preparing the altar.

Rainbows around me

Shimmering at midnight

Walking in beauty

I move to the center.

Animals are dancing

Lion and serpent

Walking in beauty

I enter the dancing.

Insects are dancing

Monarch and dragon

Walking in beauty

I enter the dancing.

Come the green people

Come the green people

Walking in beauty

Come the green people.

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