(This is in the middle of work with a client. It involves awareness of the body and clearing blockage).

Dick: So let's continue. Feel the soles of your feet on the floor. Only the soles of your feet. I want you to experience a sensation that is only in the soles of your feet. Only in your skin, in other words, a tingling. Can you do that? And if you can't actually do it, pretend. What you are feeling there is your own energy field. You are not feeling your physical body, you are feeling your subtle body, your energy body that is congruent with your physical body. And feel that tingling in your feet and see if you can visually see that as glowing light. It is glowing light. Are you able to do that? As you continue to breath in and out with the small of your back, and I want you to continue to breathe with your back like that, every time you think about it, go back and check and make sure you are doing it.

Now let this energy in the soles of your feet, which is felt as a tingling, which is observed as glowing light, glowing. Let your entire foot, from the ankle to the soles of the foot be filled with it, so that your whole foot begins to tingle, and the whole foot is glowing. Are you able to do that? Can you do that with your feet now.

Okay, now very deliberately (there is no rush about it), let this tingling sensation of energy, and this visual phenomenon of the glowing light, which is the tingling light made visible, let that gradually rise in your legs, very gradually rise from your ankles into your knees. So that your lower legs, all the way from the soles of your feet right up to the knees are now tingling. We could say tingling with light or we could say glowing with the tingle. See the light rising slowly and feel the tingling. And for some people, the tingling will proceed the light, and some people the light will proceed the tingle.

And just let this continue. We are going to continue this all the way to the tips of your fingers and to the top of your head, but I don't want you to feel rushed.

Cl: I feel it in my upper body a lot already.

Dick: Yes, that is right, but what we are trying to do is to make it unified. All the way through. So you are not like a cable where just certain spots are energized and other spots are dead spots which is what you have had in the past. And the breathing is going to help a tremendous amount to bring about that normalization. (a pillow is adjusted to make the client more comfortable).

Dick: Stay with the breathing by just concentrating on the small of the back, because if that is moving in and out, the rest takes care of itself. And let it move up your thighs and into your pelvis. Keep your breathing going steadily. And as it begins to rise from your pelvis, you can let it rise from your fingertips also. From your fingers and wrists, up your arms, up to your shoulders. And gradually let this rise gradually, up from your pelvis, as far as your belt line, as far as your ribcage, your diaphragm. And as it is rising up your arms, let it rise upward through your chest, along your spine, up your front. Let it rise up your throat, until it totally fills your head.

Now, this is going to be important. Imagine at the soles of your feet are receptors which take in energy that is streaming up into you from the earth. It rises up through your feet. And the base of your spine, tailbone of your spine, your coccyx that you are sitting on has grown a huge root which goes down through your seat and goes down through all the floors of this building, into the earth, hundreds of miles deep. And you feel now the energy rising up out of the earth flowing freely up through both of your legs, swirling in your pelvis and then being discharged back into the earth again.

This is called the grounding circuit. And you have energy coming up through your legs and down through your tailbone back into the earth. Are you experiencing that?

Now imagine that in front of your face at a distance of about eight inches, at the level of your eyebrows and at a line with a point between your eyebrows, that you see a small white ball of light like a big marble in front of you. Now by an act of intention, see that you are drawing that marble in, that ball of light. It enters your skull right between your eyebrows and it is drawn all the way back to the middle of your skull. It is at the base of your brain. There is a slot there and it falls into that slot, like it belongs there. Can you do that?

Now see that you have seated yourself inside that ball of light and are looking up. And it is not a very big ball, but somehow it doesn't seem to crowd you, because you are in another reality right now. You are sitting there looking forward, looking out. Meanwhile the energy is pouring up through your feet and down to the root at the base of your spine, back to the earth. Now see that the top of this ball of light in which you are seated, as if you are seated in a little spacecraft of some kind. The doors open and the roof opens up and it is wide open on top, and you send a shaft of light from within that ball straight up and it goes right up through the air, through your skull, through the roof of this house, and goes up, up, up, up, an enormous distance, until it strikes and merges with an enormous sun of light, an enormous sun of light much bigger than you are, and that is the signal. When the shaft of light that you send upwards strikes that great sun overhead, that sun begins to pour all its energy back down as if the channel has been opened. And that channel passes right through where you are sitting, at the base of your brain, and goes right down through the spine, right through what we call the chakras, the throat, the heart, the belly, the genital chakra at the base of the spine. And there that light mingles with the earth energy.

And you have an exchange now. There is this shaft of light that you were sending upward, with an enormous return of this energy coming down. And all the energy coming up from the earth, the earth energy and the sky energy mingle in your body, and you discharge some of it upward and the rest of it downward, into the earth again. And you are a complete circuit: energy from the low and energy from above, and it is moving back and forth. And you simply are the container that contains it. You are nothing but the container, the cable that carries it. Nothing that you have to do. Nothing for you to be afraid of. No question that you can't handle this because there are no blocks. It is only if there are blockages that the energy flow comes up against something and starts a vibration like something is going to fly apart. But this is all very smooth, do you feel it? Just a slight quivering. How does that feel to you.

Cl: An intense, pleasant tingling.

Dick: Nothing that you have to hold back from. You can move the small of your back, back and forward, perfectly, can't you? Feel how easy it is to breathe this way. And the breathing is important part, because when the breathing blocks, you block the energy. And it is not that you are subject to taking in or containing more energy than you can handle. It is as if the channel is blocked, then there is a lot of banging around. This happens all the time with people's plumbing, you know. Air gets trapped in the plumbing pipe. How are you feeling right now?

Cl: Very grounded and very solid, very connected.

Dick: Okay, you know how to do this, and it is all on tape. Open your eyes and keep the energy moving with your eyes open, and you see that you don't have to give that up just because your eyes are functioning. Do you feel finished?

Cl: Yes.

Dick: This has made a huge difference for me.

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