(Client work using techniques for an autonomous healing process)

Dick: Okay, so what I want you to do, N, is to turn the whole problem of reclaiming your physical body, not the idea of your body, because the idea of your body is not physical. That is intellectual. The idea of your body only exists in that never, never land of semantic reality. I want you to reclaim your body by coming back habitually to the direct experience of it. I want you to recognize right now that you cannot do that no matter how clever or how concentrated you make your conscious left brain mind, you have to turn it over to your unconscious. And I would like you right now, as I am talking to you, to do that. And you can do it in several ways. You can combine it with a command. I turn this over to my unconscious: "Work it out for me!" Or you can see yourself at the same time putting it in a basket and pushing through a window. One of those windows with a little shelf where you return library books or something. Push it through to the unconscious. So do that right now. And let go. let go and do nothing with your conscious mind. Simply let go. That's right. And just continue to turn it over, turn it over, turn it over, let go, and turn it over.

And the question is: "How do I know when my unconscious mind takes it? There is a signal that will be given to you that is an infallible and unerring signal. You will begin to experience a sudden relaxation. You may begin to feel your eyelids quivering slightly. You may feel your jaw relaxing that you start to breathe through slightly parted lips, you may begin to feel heavy in your arms and hands and heavy in your feet and legs. You may feel that heaviness turning into warmth. Or you may feel very light. It doesn't matter. You may feel your heart beating. And notice that it is steady and deep.... That's right. And you may notice a change in your breathing. Your breathing may become different so that it feels as if you aren't breathing any more. As it you are not breathing at all, as if the air is breathing you. As it goes in through your nostrils, and out through your slightly parted lips, or in through your lips and out through your nostrils. It doesn't make any difference, but you may experience a change in your breathing. And when you feel that relaxation, you know that your unconscious mind has accepted the assignment. and the assignment is to reclaim the awareness of your physical body. It is not that you claim your body as an intellectual action of claiming it. You claim it by letting go of your thinking and just feeling the sensations. That's right. Just feeling the sensations. That's right. And you may find at some point that your eyelids become so comfortably closed that when you try to open them, your eyelids actually stay closed............

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