Power Animals

Dick: Power animals are entities that are energy transformers, they are transformational. Consider a gallon of gasoline in a red can. What is it? It is a liquid: you can't drink it, it will poison you; you get it on your skin, it will burn your skin, make your skin raw and irritated. But if you have a lawn mower or a car or anything else, if you have a gasoline engine, it is a transformational device that transforms this inert liquid, which is just this foul smelling liquid that you can't drink; it transforms it into movement.

And a power animal does that with energy. It takes your energy and transforms it into useful movement on your part, whatever that may be. It takes energy that is latent in you, the way energy is latent in a gallon of gas, it is just latent there and not doing anything. It can't be used. But if you have the kind of device that can transform the gasoline into its explosiveness, and harness that explosiveness; then you have wheels that turn, and pistons that go back and forth, and all kinds of useful stuff. That is exactly what a power animal is.

So now N, you have this beaver. Call this beaver up the next time you are working with somebody, and this person is very tense or very locked up and so on, call your beaver up. Don't tell the person you are doing it, just call the beaver up and say, "Beaver, help me to help this person. Whatever I need, guide my hands. Guide my pressure. Guide the kind of thoughts I have. Guide anything that needs to be guided to help this person. Do you see what I am saying? I had an animal here while I was working with you that I asked to guide me. I call on this animal all the time, every day.

Q: The same animal?

Dick: The same animal. Actually I have quite a managerie of this kind. I have one, two, three, four, five in all. But this one is the one that is customarily there, that I look for.

So do that. This way you are looking outside yourself to find that transformation that will transform the inert energy that you have. It will transform it into useful moving energy, useful work.

Ecstasy as a goal