What I want most today is to be useful to you. I don't know exactly how that will unfold itself, but that's fine too. I was listening to an interview on public radio at home and I continued to hear it in my car. It was with the daughter of one of the families where, a year ago, the tenth person suicided by working with the Michigan Dr. Kevorkian. Judy Brown is her name, the daughter who's written the book. She's very intelligent. And it was treating the whole subject, you know, very seriously without emotions. It again reinforced the sense I heave of how precious my life is. Because at 79 I have outlived my allotted three score years and ten. And that experience of having lived longer than I'm supposed to, like, who says, you know. But nevertheless, it made everything precious and so I was walking down, and I parked my car at the end of the block, like always so that I get a little walk back and forth. I am walking along and here and there, there's ice. And I know it's icy, I know it's going to be very, very slippery. And I realized that right in this moment, my whole life in that moment, was to avoid busting my ass on the ice. And I treated that consciously as a very exciting challenge. A very exciting challenge. Not just some kind of bothersome thing that was getting in my way because I had all this important stuff to do here. Then a thought came, this is the only thing that exists for me, is negotiating this ice. And working with you, working with other people, I worked with two people who are fighting cancer yesterday, on my day off. Working with, when I last saw you N, just a few days ago in Los Angeles, with people there, brings me more and more every time I work with someone, into this awareness of how precious life is. The gift of life. And I don't know whether that plant, these plants, are aware that they have it also. Or whether they have it without that conscious awareness. I don't know if our 15 year old cat, that rules our house, I don't know whether she has that awareness, that she has that gift also. I don't know. And I even wonder how many people that I pass on the street may not have it. But that sense of the preciousness of every moment, no matter how unimportant it is, is growing on me. And so I had to experience that through working with you . I also want very much to give you something useful. I don't know that I can really give you anything useful, probably that's the wrong way to say it. I would like to be involved in a transaction in which you emerge with something useful for yourself. Probably what you brought in with you in the first place. So that is where I am at.

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