Dick learned from several indigenous healers including American Indian shamans and he was a guide for many powerful journeys for people. The Shamanic work was being written up under the title, "The affects of indigenous, disassociative therapies on a white middle class population." Fantasies, dreams, images, and struggles in stuck places would turn into heroic journeys for clients. He also did soul retrievals, searches for power animals to help a client, and dismemberments (ego deaths). Dick trusted the path that came out of the client and journeyed with the client. This following of the image (not leading) is a method that ties in with the state of hyponoia in Eidetic Imagery. The following comes from an interview with the Green People Productions.

Q: What is the relationship between Self Acceptance Training and the Shamanic practices or Shamanic tradition?

Dick: The Shamanic tradition as I understand it consists of going on journeys. By that we mean going on journeys into altered states of consciousness or into alternative realities for the sake of discovering helpful useful information or for effecting healing. I exist, I am I, no matter what state of consciousness I'm in, no matter what reality I'm in. So entering an altered state of consciousness going on a Shamanic journey, is another way of experiencing myself more fully.

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