(This is at the end of a workshop on hypnosis. A concern has been voiced about absorbing all the material and experiences that have been presented)

Dick: Close your eyes. Let yourself drift away, into a nice trance. And you don't have to go right into trance very quickly, you can do it the easy natural way, which is a little bit at a time, like walking down a flight of stairs. You don't jump down a flight of stairs all at once, ordinarily, you go down one step at a time. One step and your foot is solidly there, and you go down the next step, and put the other foot down. And just let yourself do down, gradually. And as you are doing this, put part of your attention of your breath, 20% of it. And you will experience that the breath comes in and the breath comes out. There isn't much more to it than that. Except that between the going in and the coming out, there always seems to be a little pause, it seem to give the breath a chance to turn around and reverse itself. But don't make a lot of that, just notice it. And that leaves some of your attention free to notice other stuff. Notice the sounds that you hear: the blower over there, the air conditioner, the sound of my voice. You might hear sounds upstairs, in other parts of the building, footsteps, little bumps, jingles, voices, in might be possible to hear traffic faintly on the street, so notice all those things. Notice your sensations. Be aware of how your feet feel, resting on the ground. Be aware of how your seat feels resting on your chair or the floor. Be aware of how your back feels, your hands, your face. Let yourself have all that awareness. Nothing to do with it. Just observe it. Allow yourself to observe thoughts, that may pass through your mind from time to time. When I say thoughts, I mean verbalizations, comments, like, you know, "What is he going to do next?" or "What is going to happen" or "Am I doing this right?" Or any kind of comments or questions. You also may not be having thoughts as much as having images of various kinds. If I, for example, mention an orange, a round and navel orange, you can see that, in your imagination, you can see it, if you want to, if you permit it. You can even imagine that you pick it up and hold it and feel it's round, plump firmness, it is full of juice in it. It is rather heavy, because of the water it contains. Water is heavy. Did you know that water weighs a pint a pound? So a pint of orange juice would weigh a whole pound.

And if I told you to imagine that you were looking at a kitten. You might see a kitten winding around your legs, a tiny little mew. What colors would it be? There are so many kinds of kittens, some of them are black, some are white, some of them are black and white, some of them are patches of brown and black and white, some of them are what they call tortoise shell, some of them are what they call tabbies, some have rings on their tail like a raccoon. All kinds.

If on the other hand, I told you to imagine an eagle or a hawk, you would see a great big bird, with large talons and a large hooked beak and fierce eyes, and a sense of great strength and power. And you could soar with him, you could start to soar up, just going around in big lazy circles, going up higher and higher in one of those thermals, you know, one of those columns of hot air rising up on the top of a hill or something like that. And soaring, and going up and up and up and up, and you can get so relaxed that you might find that if you try to open your eyes, they stay closed.

You can try to open your eyes, and you may find that your eyes do stay closed. And if you experience that, you may find that you immediately start to relax much more completely. And you continue to relax.

And you can see deep inside, deep inside, an open place, and that is the open place where your own unconscious mind is opening up to receive only beneficial suggestions. And look at that open space, and you will see that it is not just an open space, but there is a pulsing there. And as you look at it, you can experience more and more what the openness of your own unconscious mind is like. And suggestions can be placed there, suggestions can be taken in, assimilated, integrated, so that they actually become a part of the way you function.

We can put there the suggestion that everything you have observed, seen or heard, or felt, or experienced during the last two days of this group, whatever is of benefit to you, will be integrated, accepted by your unconscious mind, without any effort of your conscious mind. So that you will not take just the ideas, and the principle that have been expressed, and the concepts, but also the experiences, and everything that was clothed in somatic reality of physical sensations, and that can be integrated, absorbed. And secretly in your unconscious mind, be correlated, and co-ordinated with everything else that you know.

So this fits into your mind, not as a little capsule, but everything that is useful spreads throughout your mind, like a bright stain that is dropped into a glass of clear water, and the stain very rapidly spreads, and spreads and spreads. Until the whole glass of water is permeated with this bright stain. And in that way, everything that is beneficial, useful, healthy, in these experiences here, will spread throughout your unconscious, absorbed by it, and these principles, these experiences, these learnings, will be used by you because your unconscious has made it all a part of itself.

And will simply continue to bring it up, as needed, as required, perhaps when you least expect it, whether this will be in your work with people, certainly it will happen there. Noticeably so, you will be aware of it, It will take a quantum leap forward, with your interactions with your family, with your business associates, and with people with whom you are in contact with. It will happen there. And most of all, with your selves, with what have been called the sub-selves that inhabit everybody's brain. So that you will no longer be the victim of any of them, and so that you will more and more, be free of the trances in which you so often operate.

The trances in which you experience dissassociation. And the trances in which you experience age regression, so that you go back and experience yourself as if you are a little child, in some way, and age projection, in which you leap into a non-existent picture and act as if that were reality. All of these things, you will become more and more aware of every time you give yourself a post hypnotic suggestion. You will catch yourself and you will be able to lift yourself out of that.

You will more and more be able to experience the here and now. All the things that bother you, as well as the things that cause joy, more and more, without clinging and without aversion, you are able to experience living simply, as it really is, moment to moment, day after day, year after year. When you come out of this relaxed place, you can feel very good. You can feel glad to be alive.

On the trip back, the drivers will be totally alert and awake. Totally focused on what they are doing, you will have a joyous trip back and you will experience probably the interesting phenomenon of time distortion. Every ten minutes will seem like only one. So an hour will seem like six minutes and two hours will seem like twelve minutes, less than a quarter of an hour, and three hours will seem like, how much, less than half of an hour. Ten minutes will seem like one, like only one. Ten minutes will seem like one, like only one. And there is even a melody that goes with it. It is an old nursery rhyme. (Singing to the music of "Lazy Mary")

Ten minutes will seem like one,

will seem like one, will seem like one.

Ten minutes will seem like one,

will seem like only one.

You probably knew that years ago as,

Lazy Mary will you get up,

will you get up, will you get up,

will you get up this morning.

(Singing) Ten minutes will seem like one,

will seem like one, like only one,

Ten minutes will seem like one,

will seem like only one.

And I am going to count backwards from ten to one and at one, you can feel alive and awake and feel very good. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Everybody back? Thank you for these two days, for the lovely experiences you have brought me, a very rich two days for me. The fact that I am a little under the weather doesn't interfere with that in the least, so thank you all, and God bless you and go with God.

Cl: God bless you Dick.

Dick: So there we are.

This was our last training meeting with Dick. Within two weeks, he went from "a little under the weather" to dying of cancer. We visited him in late September where he was only able to spend a few minutes with each of us at a time. He died on Oct. 3, 1994, although nothing ever really dies, it just changes form.

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