Deep Desires

Dick: When I was asked, 11 years ago, a serious question: "What do you want for yourself?" You know, you can be asked that question and you can joke about it and say a million dollars, a yacht. Robert Louis Stevenson said, "a yacht, 5,000 pounds per year and a string quartet to play whenever I want it." You could come up with something like that. But I took this very seriously, when I was asked the question, and I don't know where I went, but all of a sudden the answer came. And I said I want peace of mind, awareness of beauty, and health. And that is what I most want. I want other things, you know. I want my family to be happy and joyous. I want all of you to have a real good experience in this group and learn some tools to help you in the future. I want lots of things. I want to make sure there is no blizzard when I land in the airplane tomorrow, I want good weather for flying. I would go on and on and on. I really want to learn Sanskrit. I started to study Sanskrit and then this sickness, the polymyalgia came over me and that was one of the things that got cut off, so I haven't gone back to it. I did learn to write all of the vowels and pronounce them and I learned a few words and phrases. But those are just secondary things. What I want, most of all, that I really want, is peace of mind, and that is number one, even if I can't have the other two. Then I want awareness of beauty because this is what really enriches my life, every single day. And third, I want health. If I can't have health, then I can't have health. Let me have awareness of beauty and peace of mind. If I can't have health and I can't have awareness of beauty, let me have peace of mind.

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